How to buy with nlp Logística

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How to make your purchases online through NLP Logística

  • Create your Personal Code
  • When buying online, use this Code with the address in Miami that we will provide you.
  • Send usthe invoice and the tracking of your purchase by Email, Whatsapp or from this web page
  • We will notify you when your order arrives.

You don’t have a credit card?

We buy it for you!
Our advisors will support you. Send us the link of what you want to buy, we will calculate the total price including shipping. Then make us a deposit for this amount and we will buy it for you.

Very soon you will have it in your hands!

Why did I register as a customer at NLP?

  • I can buy anywhere in the world
  • I receive personalized advice to make my purchases
  • If I don’t want to pay with my credit card, NLP will do it for me
  • I receive constant information about the status of my order
  • The pick-up points are strategically located
- Ana Lucía Gonzalez

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shop at SHEIN

If you wish to buy directly from SHEIN, we recommend the following:

1) Send us your information to open your address with us in the United States. It’s FREE

2)If you want to buy from SHEIN, go to their page and register and enter the US as country so that they can send the purchases to our warehouse in Miami. Then make your purchases and when it asks for the address you put the one we gave you to bring your purchases.

3) If you bring more than 15 pounds per month to sell, we will give you a special price on freight.

Any questions we are at your service.

This way you can enjoy coupons and discounts.

Do you still have questions?

Send us a message and we will gladly help you!

Restricted Articles

NLP Logística is not responsible for shipments of products or merchandise that are detained by customs because they are restricted products according to the legislation of the country of origin or destination. Please consult the following list of restricted products.

Any flammable, corrosive or explosive material. Firearms and ammunition
Any product with alcohol as its first ingredient Batteries that contain chemicals or are dangerous good
Cleaning products Poison
Fireworks and gunpowder Pressure containers
Gas Matches
Tear or pepper gas Gas powered tools
Lighters Perishables
Used tires Drugs
Natural products and vitamins Tattoo machines